Angel Casarrubias
1 min readOct 13, 2020



Who are you ?
You say you were there at the beginning, at the moment I took my first breath in this world. But who are you?

I don’t think we’ve met before. I don’t understand how you say you know me, when I don’t even recognize your face. My father?
I don’t think so, I’ve never had one — at least not in the way that I needed him in.

Help, help, help!
You’re all but a stranger to me. I’m sorry, please leave! I don’t know you sir. Get away!

As far as I know, all I ever had was one parental figure. The one who looked out for me and took care of me. The one who wiped my tears and helped me get back up when I fell. I don’t need any one else. So please, please, leave me alone. Let me live my life. If you are who you say you are, please turn around. When I’m ready to venture into such journey and want to get to know who you are, I’ll let you know. For now, I bid you farewell.

- Angel Casarrubias



Angel Casarrubias

Latinx, QPOC amateur writer. I tend to focus on real life experiences & write from my personal perspective. Writing has become my safe place to escape to.